Meet our Branch Manager: İlkay Görgü

He believes shipping agencies or, in its broader context, the maritime industry is a global industry. It is a sector where you have the chance to meet people from every country with a coast and get to know their culture. It is really enjoyable to get to know different cultures, people, and their histories. Also, being a sailor or doing something related to the maritime industry looks pretty cool from the outside.

As the volume of trade increases, the number of ships also increases, and this causes the risk of environmental pollution. No matter how strict and widespread the relevant rules are, it is clear that he thinks there will be more challenges as time goes on.

He clearly advises newcomers in the sector that; no matter how experienced you are in this industry, there is always a lot to learn. There is so much to learn that don’t be discouraged by the little you know, and don’t be brave as if you learned everything with what you know.

According to him, the biggest factor in choosing Zeymarine was the partner, Mr. Gurkan Kosemen, and his ideals about Zeymarine. When he looks back, he mentions that the company succeeded in most of it, and still that can be done more.

Although his devotion to the seas increased during his time at Zeymarine, (don’t tell anyone but) he dreams of living in a chalet in the forest from time to time!

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