Meet our Senior Agency Operator: Seçil Avcılı

Meet our Senior Agency Operator: Seçil Avcılı

In 2011, she received her degree from Piri Reis / Sea and Port Management from Mustafa Kemal University.

Since 2011, she has worked in the maritime industry and had the opportunity to meet and work with Zeymarine in 2018, and she has always strived to improve herself by specializing in various areas.

Even in regular conditions, communication is crucial to her, and have the opportunity to meet new individuals every day.

Working in the maritime business can be distinctive and hard for everyone, and a busy work schedule keeps her younger and more active.

“My happiness is dependent on where I work and what I do,” she says, “and I can say that thanks to Zeymarine, I’m delighted with this present team and office.”

Everything will be difficult in the foreseeable future, not just the maritime sector. However, the activity is targeted at addressing the roadblocks that can arise as a result of success.

Anyone interested in thinking about and working in the maritime sector will quickly realize what kind of industry they are entering once they begin spending time there and will not want to leave.

She enjoys making others laugh, whether she is working or spending time with her kid and family at home. If you want to laugh, don’t wait for others to do it; instead, make yourself laugh. She believes that you must first be at peace with yourself and that having a positive attitude benefits both you and those around you.

“The best things I’ve ever done in my life: laugh and talk,” she says. If you want to work in the maritime business, Zeymarine is the finest place to go; it’s an incredible opportunity to gain new skills and work as part of a cohesive team.

Working at Zeymarine will allow you to view and experience life in all of its colors. Your employer and coworkers are just as crucial as the work you do and enjoy. To sense Zeymarine’s presence, to know that you are a part of the firm you work for, and to have a larger family than that.

Zeymarine holds a particular place in her heart, and she sends her best wishes to the entire Zeymarine family.