Meet our Compliance Manager: Mustafa Oztaskin

My name is Mustafa Öztaşkın. I was born in Izmir in 1990 and I am originally from Bodrum/Muğla. After graduating from Istanbul University Maritime Transportation Management Engineering Department in 2012, I worked in a company that provides ship agency services for a while. As of October 2021, I have been working as a Compliance Manager at Zeymarine Ship Agencies.

1 – What is the best part of your job?

The best part of my job is being able to tell people and companies that there is always a better option. To show that a better performance is possible by adding different perspectives to the monotonous working life. To explain that making a difference will create awareness. Seeing the negative aspects and replacing them with positive results. In short, always maintain a positive attitude despite the challenges 🙂

2 – What advice would you give to newcomers to the maritime sector?

Maritime is initially a challenging industry for young people planning a career. Choosing the right university education is just as important as choosing which field to study. It’s a good way to thoroughly research each of the maritime professions and gain experience through internships. Wrong choices can lead to problems that reduce the quality of life and affect family life. Also, it is a great advantage to be able to face the difficulties and to have at least a 1-year education in England. I believe that gaining experience where shipping is managed changes everything.

 3- What is your most memorable experience in the maritime sector?

To take part in the Sile 1 deep-sea drilling project was unquestionably the most memorable experience for me. In the project we carried out from Haydarpaşa port and visited 200 supply ships in 9 months. It was a very challenging and instructive project. We did not even blink for the success of the project. At the end, as the supply ships were leaving Haydarpaşa Port, I was watching them from the dock. Each of the ship’s captains whistled goodbye when they saw me saying goodbye to them on the dock. This was the happiest moment of my professional life.

4- What is your favorite song?

I love Folk Songs and Turkish Classical Music. Especially folk songs from the Aegean region have a special place in my heart. I can’t say that this is my favourite song, but lately “Iki Keklik”, “Gerizler Başı” and Zeki Müren’s “Ah Bu Şarkıların Gözü Kör Olsun” are the ones I’ve listened to the most.

5- Fun fact about yourself?

As serious as I am in my business life, on the contrary, I have a childlike spirit in my private life. Childhood refers innocence to me, not  worrying about time. And when you live like this, life becomes fun.

6- Best action that you can consider as your hobby?

Free diving. It’s a great activity where you can push your limits, get to know an unfamiliar world, and set yourself free.