Agency Services

Agency, Husbandry and Protective Agency Services

Serving to all clients 7/24 basis at all Turkish ports and strait passages.

Having representative offices at major ports as Izmit, Iskenderun, Kdz. Eregli.

Handling all paper work and requirements properly between the Vessel and the Authorities.

Timely clearance of the vessel with relevant Authorities at arrival and departure without any time loss.

Payment of all related dues to related Authorities timely and in full without any surprise or problem to our Clients.

Keeping all related parties informed about vessel’s prospects timely and in advance.

Arrangement of all Owners’ husbandry matters such as crew change, CTM delivery, spare parts logistics and clearance, accommodation, medical assistance and various others.

Checking the PDA of the Charterers’ agents and clarify unclear items as Protective agents.

Payment of dues to Charterers’ agents and handling of the accounts on behalf of the Principals as being Protective Agents.

Arrangement of Principals’ requests without involvement of the Charterers’ agents with more reliable contractors and better prices.

Providing Project & Heavy Lift cargo services and logistics.

Providing 6 staff at main office dedicated only to agency for full and close support to our Clients.