Underwater Occupations

Underwater Occupations

Can we live under the sea? Famous naval officer and divemaster who is known for his documentary films and series like The Silent World and The Undersea World, Jacques Cousteau took this query seriously and led to the creation of underwater homes. Frankly speaking, his intentions could not land as he expected yet he created an environment for broader questions. 

Can we work under the sea? Well, the answer is ‘yes’. And we are gonna tell you right now, even though they are recondite there are plenty of options. Let’s jump in and explore the underwater occupations. Who knows, maybe after this article you may want to replan your career.

Commercial Diver

Underwater jobs are obviously way more divergent than desk jobs. The most famous one among them, commercial diving, is a profession in which employees work underwater for engineering, construction, industrial and other commercial purposes. To get further information, we ought to divide them into sub profession

Offshore Divers: There among the commercial divers, offshore divers have the biggest percentage. Commonly, they work for oil and gas companies. The assignments of offshore divers can be summarized as exploring and maintaining oil platforms as well as helping the building of the underwater structures. Their tasks are varied. From drilling rig support to pipelines they work in distinctive areas. It should not be forgotten that it is a demanding job.

Onshore Divers: They work mostly on engineering projects. Workplaces can change between lakes, rivers and dams to help survey or build constructions. In comparison with offshore divers, onshore divers work in a rather non hazardous environment and they do not have to spend days on ships. 

HAZMAT Divers: HAZMAT is the abbreviation for hazardous materials. Thus, it is a job for no one but brave, venturous individuals. Against the possible problems of divers that they have to face, strict safety measures apply such as vaccination against tetanus and hepatitis. They work in a great variety of areas. For instance, recovering bodies and objects from shipwrecks or maintenance duties on pipelines, pumping equipment and valves and even welding work inside sewers. They also take part in pollution work control. Being a HAZMAT diver is one of the most demanding yet prestigious jobs you can practice. 

Diving Instructor

If you have an eye for diving techniques, you can convert your hobby into your profession. Diving is fun, attractive and worth trying as an activity for most people yet without the help of a professional it is risky to dive alone. So, after receiving the necessary certificates, you can start your career as a diving instructor and help people to have one.

Marine Archaeologist

Excavation of significant items is the job description of an archaeologist. As the name suggests, marine archaeologists are doing the same thing but this time on the seabed. Marine archaeology involves dealing with different aspects of water, so their job is not easy. They not only deal with collecting items but also the preservation of the important ruins of important things. Worthy of note, ships like Titanic and Mary Rose were restored under the water by a marine archaeologist. Marine archaeology is simultaneously a compelling and bucked working area that you can be part of. 

Underwater Welder

Coalescence of two or more parts of metals by heating is called welding.  It is a complicated process that should be done by highly skilled professionals. On the other hand, underwater welding is a specialized area of underwater construction. The underwater welding processes can divide into two: dry welding and wet welding. In dry welding, welders work inside a chamber around them which helps them not to get wet yet in wet welding, because of the needs of the labour, welders have to be inside the water. Even though it is a challenging job, job opportunities and salaries are pretty high. 

Underwater Photographer

Those marvellous pictures depict turquoise waters and endemic sea creatures… They are the works of art of underwater photographers. If you like diving and photography, maybe being an underwater photographer is the most convenient and cool option for you. It is an increasing trend. Also, to collect data from the pictures of creatures which are on the verge of extinction, underwater photography is valuable and auxiliary. 

Underwater Tour Guide

Some want to see the Eiffel Tower and some want to see sharks in their living space. For ones who suit the second option, underwater tour guides should be ready to aid. However, the area of work for underwater tour guides is not limited to that. With every attention-grabbing creature or ruins, they are under the water to explain and take care of the other people.