Holds & Tanks Cleaning

Holds & Tanks Cleaning Services

Serving to all Operators, Owners for their hold/tank cleaning requirements.

With a team of minimum 3 gangs and 500 bar water jets, chemicals, staging, relevant equipment with spares, carrying out hold cleaning operations within 36-48 hours depending on the size of the vessel.

Experienced on cargo hold readiness to grain standards from coal, clinker, scrap etc. with certification of SGS.

Cleaning of holds, preparation of surface and paint application -if required- for special treated cargoes like soda ash.

Incase required, painting of the holds with airless electrical and air driven pumps.

Supply of FW and providing disposal services for bilge after full holds cleaning.

Tank cleaning gang and slop disposal arrangement with gas free certification for the tankers prior to their dry docking at Dardanelles or Istanbul roads.