Zeymarine Ship Agencies & Services

was established back in 2015 as a personal venture of K. Gurkan Kosemen who at the time have spent more than 20 years in a well established maritime agency as a distinguished executive.

Zeymarine Ship Agencies & Services was started as an ordinary partnership to cover a broad range of agency services in all Turkish ports and Turkish straits encompassing port agency services, protecting agency services and husbandry services. After a brief start-up period, the business volume picked up dramatically and the simple ordinary partnership seems to become a bottleneck in matching an ever-increasing business volume. Hence, at the start of 2017, we move to a corporate structure in order to to best serve the interests of our client base as we are now extending our services through a five person team comprising of high caliber personnel.

As our team grew, our needs in IT infratructure have grown as well. Hence, In response to ever-growing business needs we recently overhauled our IT infrastructure from ground-up with an ample capacity in order to match-up the current and future business requirements.

Over receiving repeatedly positive feedbacks from our clients, we tend to focus our expertise on shipyard calls. This line of business picked up swiftly and our team has an outstanding track record in delivering a seamless and quality service. Our services seemed to be very well received not only by our client but by the shipyards as well.

Due to elevated business activity, we opened up a branch of Zeymarine at Tuzla with a view to follow up the operation closely. Being close to the shipyards not only brought in a competitive edge to our operations, but a better understanding and healthy and close relationship with the shipyard operators as well. For inquiries agency@zeymarine.com

It is needless to mention that our team can be reached 7/24 and eager to service you putting reputation and trustworthiness as top priorities.