Career Options In Maritime World

Career Options In Maritime World

If your dream job is to work in an immense blue sea, a career in the maritime industry may be the ideal choice for you.

The sea world has many employment opportunities in itself. After globalization and increased communication between countries; Shipping industry is an important part of international trade and logistics. More than 90% of world trade is operating by sea. according to the International Maritime Organization IMO. There are thousands of new and exciting career opportunities in the maritime industry.

– Managing the port business.

– Coordinating with logistics companies for the transportation of goods.

-Procuring shipping materials to build new ships and repairing old ones.

– Maritime and shipping management.

– Trade regulations and international coordination.

All above activities are within the scope of the maritime business sector. You can find a list of job and career opportunities that will guide job seekers in the maritime industry.

Let’s take a look at the maritime career opportunities.


Port Manager: This position includes the management and logistics of a port’s operations. A detailed understanding of the various ship types in a port, the type of cargo handled, the port rules and regulations.

Merchant Officer: This position includes; Strategic management of different trade decisions, cargo handling and communication with different trade organizations. It requires; communication skills, knowledge of international trade regulations and maritime agreements between various countries.

Shipping Manager: The shipping manager in a logistics company handles the transport of cargo and goods from one port to another. It requires; detailed knowledge of the position, placement policies, management strategies and good communication skills.

Shipyard manager: A shipyard manager oversees the management and maintenance of a shipyard. It requires; a reasonable amount of physical agility, patience, good communication skills and detailed knowledge of docking policies and shipping components.

Marine Engineer – Responsible for the maintenance and repair of ship machinery. This is an exciting career for those interested in the technical side of ships.

Shipping Broker – The ship broker profession deals with the trading of ships and cargo shipping. More than theoretical knowledge, this area requires more to be in the market. It is a competitive and lucrative field. As a Ship Broker, the person will act as a link between ship owners and charterers.

Oil Driller – He participates in drilling activities on oil rigs or offshore vessels. This job requires great mental and physical strength, but also pays well.

Ordinary Seaman (OS) – This job involves working in the deck of ships. A career as an ordinary seafarer is a stepping stone to a promising career at sea.

Shipbuilding Engineer – He deals with the engineering aspect of the design and construction of ships and marine vessels. Like other engineering professions, it needs a four-year master’s degree.


Shipping Fright Broker – acts as a link between those who want to ship the cargo and the shipping agencies that will carry it. It is a competitive and rewarding field.

Maritime Lawyer – This person deals with maritime laws, maritime rules and regulations. And issues related to the commercial aspect of maritime.

Maritime Security Jobs – This officer job has been in great demand lately due to the increase in piracy activity.

Cruise Ship Captain – This is the ultimate job any person interested in marine careers would like to have. Being a captain of a cruise ship is a matter of great pride. It also involves great responsibility.

Subsea Engineer – handles digging out crude oil and gases from marine reserves using the latest technologies.

Cargo Engineer – The cargo engineer’s job deals with the loading, unloading and conditioning of cargo transported by ships. This is an engineering field that is always in demand.

Naval Architect – The naval architecture profession includes the planning and design of ships.

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