Seafarers’ Stories

Seafarers’ Stories

IMO dedicates the 2021 World Maritime Theme to seafarers that facing unprecedented challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Let’s take a look at interviews with seafarers around the world.

In this regard, it continues to emphasize the importance of the role seafarers play now and in the future. The slogan is “Seafarers: at the center of the future of shipping”.

The ‘Seafarers’ Stories’ features seafarers’ opinions that present the key challenges of living and working at sea. and provide a picture of what a career at sea means. Some of them are below;

Kamil Lagiewka – 2nd officer; Being a sailor can teach you a lot in life. We are in a changing work environment such as time changes, harsh weather conditions, new places, regulations. This profession teaches us how to be brave, how to be patient and how important it is to focus completely on safety.

Dimitrios Tsouvalas – chief officer; He states that sailing is challenging and adventurous by nature. But it is a unique investment in your life that gives you more than you expect. For Chief Officer Dimitrios Tsouvalas, a career at sea is a way of life. You are the only one who sets the limits of your success.


Constantin Hansen, Managing Director; Chief Officer Constantin Hansen loves working at sea as there is always something new to discover. It’s tough and exciting. Man learns about life in the sea. He emphasizes the importance of solidarity among crew members. He says that “if all is well, there is no need to put pressure on yourself or other people.”

Ioannis Angelidis, 2nd Officer; Ioannis Angelidis, who has grown not only as an officer but also as a person throughout his naval career. Sailing is more of a college, not a job.

Avishek Ankit, Petty Officer Enginer; Avishek Ankit says he’s a new person after his first ship experience. Calm, selfless and determined. The sea makes you resilient and unshakable against all odds that may come your way.

Gregory Drosos, Electrical Engineer; The challenge is to take care of yourself, control your emotions, and find ways to come back stronger while keeping the ship good and running! Events and people can be very unpredictable. Behaviors and decisions can lead to undesirable situations.


Maria Kapsopoulou, Managing Director; She is the Chief Officer of Crude oil tankers at Maran Tankers Management of Angelicoussis Shipping Group. Ms. Kapsopoulou has worked with this company since she was a student. She is pursuing a master’s degree in International Maritime Management at Solent University of Southampton. She also serves as a mentor for female seafarers on a platform created by Women Offshore . It is a non-profit organization that supports women’s careers at sea and on land. She describes the most extraordinary event that experienced at sea. We were traveling laden off the coast of Somalia and seen the approach of three pirate boats. We had a transit team outside the ship and it didn’t escalate.

Capt. Panagiotis Batavanis, Master; He is the Master of M/T Cap Leon. He emphasizes that the safety of human life is the most important thing in any situation and especially on board. The biggest challenge he faces on board is to maintain the balance between different nationalities and cultures. To do the job in the best way possible. To teach beginners the job in the most accurate way.

Yrhen Bernard BalinisOrdinary Seaman; He is an ordinary sailor from the Philippines,. Yrhen shares her life-changing experience and explains why working at sea is a “continuous learning process”. There are no two days that are the same in this profession. The uncertainty of what tomorrow will bring. the excitement of surprises waiting for a brand new day. He learned a lot in maritime. Both technical and practical information. But most of all, he learned a lot about himself. The biggest challenge he had on board was Solitude. Being away from family, lack of social cohesion, lack of support culture and lack of sense of purpose.

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