What is your expectations from 2019?

What is your expectations from 2019?

We are coming to the end of another year with full of lots of up and downs on the shipping market. Yes we are leaving 2018 behind but what should we expect on 2019? We raised the question of expectations of some experts with only one sentence.

Here they are… Meanwhile, what is your expectations from 2019? In one sentence….” 


“A year of change, viz impending sulphur and other regulatory change as well as continuing trade war.”
Commercial Manager – Charterer/Operator


“…I would not be surprised if we see a global recession in early 2019 and that would be bad news for shipping. I think shipping will underperform in first half of 2019 but recover in second half.”
CEO – Technical Management Company



“We’re glad to be leaving 2018 behind, it really was the worst market we’ve seen, and look forward to stronger rates in 2019, especially the second half of the year where we think a degree of chaos will also ensue as bunker specs change beyond recognition and ships leave the market to fit scrubbers that may or may not work”
Business Development Director – Owner

“Simply to put, remaining would be challenging. IMO 2020 is on everyone’s mind.”
Business Development Manager – Technical Management Company



“Surprises are very common in shipping but frankly speaking in the opinion that we will not see negative ones in 2019.”
Marketing Director – Pool Operator